Travelpayouts 101: 
Tools and offers review
Kate Zabolotnaya,
Business Development Manager
Olga Gachkova,  
Marketing Manager
Welcome to Travelpayouts — the biggest travel affiliate CPA network!

We operate worldwide and partner with 220,000+ travelers, webmasters and social media ninjas all over the world. By today, we've already paid out $23M! Would you like to join us on that profitable journey?

During this webinar, Kate Zabolotnaya, the Business Development Manager, provided an overview of our top advertisers and the most promising partner programs for 2020, and Olga Gachkova, the Marketing Manager, shared the tools that will help you turn to our #1 travel affiliate.
Webinar agenda:
All you need to know about Travelpayouts from sign-up to money withdrawal
Niches and affiliate programs: Flights, accommodation, tours, car rental and more
Travelpayouts' tools: Links, widgets, White Label solutions, SDK, API, etc.
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